Mobile Device Management, AAG IT Solutions

It’s no surprise that the majority of workforces have a need for technology on the go. Laptops, smart phones & tablets are now a routine part of the business arsenal with mobility and flexibility being key. But with increased mobility and flexibility comes an increased risk.

Lost or stolen devices with sensitive company information. Lack of control over which apps are used…

Management and control of business devices in the field can ensure organisations remain compliant and secure, but how do you go about managing a fleet of devices?

With AAG Moblie Device Management (MDM), managing and maintaining your fleet of mobile devices is now easier than ever. Powered by IBM and using our in-depth knowledge of device monitoring and support, AAG MDM gives you the flexibility and security you need for your mobile devices.

Key features include:

  • Full management through a custom portal - all your devices, in one place

  • Remotely enforced password policies- protect your data

  • Remotely wipe devices- in case of loss or theft

  • Geolocation - ensure staff safety whilst lone working

  • Cost control - audit spend on mobile data, text messages and talk time

  • Bespoke business app store - lock down devices to use only pre-approved business apps

  • Remote pushing of updates and policies - keep your field staff in the field by pushing updates on the move

With our in-depth knowledge of supporting businesses and fleets of mobile devices, we can ensure you stay secure and up to date with your entire fleet, from our offices in Sheffield.

Who's it for?

Any business that has a few devices, be it their Mobile phones, laptops or tablets. The system can cater for an unlimited number of devices, and go as low as 10.

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