Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers so many benefits, you'll wonder why you didn't upgrade years ago. Scalable to suit all businesses, Microsoft 365 allows your team the flexibility they need to get the job done without compromising security or reliability. 

With Microsoft 365, you get: 

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime so you can be 'always-on'

  • Secure communications with end-to-end 128-bit SSL encryption

  • Built-in virus scanning to detect and stop malware before it arrives

  • Compliance at its best: Microsoft 365 has ISO 27001, SAS70 Type I and II audits, and the EU Safe Harbour seal

  • Compatible with older Windows OS as well as iPhones, Android devices and Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6

  • Single sign-on, making calls to your helpdesk about forgotten passwords a thing of the past

  • SharePoint for document collaboration and secure storage

  • Microsoft 365 web applications - 365 is so much more than just mail, and we will help you uncover which features will save your business time and hassle.

Click here to visit Microsoft's website to find out more detail on Microsoft365.